Workforce Bank Limited (WFB) was founded in 2002 as a company representing the interests of European businesses, promoting its brands and services in the UK and the EU. In a short period of time WFB has established itself as a reliable and competent partner company. The number of banks and services provided by WFB has increased dramatically. Our clients are banks and financial companies, as well as football clubs and supermarket chains. It took WFB just a few years to become a leader in the volume of financial and consulting business processes between UK and Europe.

WFB represent these banks in UK. Also, WFB is involved in a number of independent ventures and investment projects in various regions of the globe, in such diverse places as Africa and America.

Over the past 10 years we have invested independently and in partnership with European companies in more than 100 successful projects in various industries ranging from IT to High Street retailing. The fact that speaks for itself more than anything else is that in times of the global financial crisis, our profits were higher compared to any other period in the history of the company.

We help to raise finance for small and medium sized companies and banks from Europe of varying size, industry and investment goals. We can also help you find and purchase or set up a mortgage of commercial and private properties in the UK and Europe.

Workforce Bank Limited specialises in growth-orientated business consultancy services. These include business planning, bid writing, business development, business strategy, marketing, HR and eBusiness. We have many years of experience in successfully delivering business consultancy services, achieving positive results for clients large and small.

We help our clients to open a bank account in the UK or register a company. We also provide solicitor and accountant facility, a secretary and other consultancies.

Our long established and successful travel agency – WFB Travel, will reserve a jet plane for you or lease a jet plane of our own to you. We can also organize any big event in the UK, etc.


First and foremost of our priorities is promoting and representing services of our long time clients and partners.

We have an individual approach to every customer!

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