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Lake Golf Balls stock over 130 different golf balls by Titleist, Srixon, Taylormade, Bridgestone, Nike, Pinnacle, TopFlite and others. We also sell a wide range of golf accessories, golf clubs and golf shoes. We partnered with companies in US and Canada where golf is a more established sport and we are able to obtain better products and deals. probably have the widest range of golf balls available in UK, easily outranking our competitors in terms of quality and choice. All our golf balls come in 5 grades: Pearl, A, B, C & Refinished. We are also one of the cheapest suppliers in UK, thanks to our economies of scale and efficiency of internal processes.

Lake Golf Balls are a new brand and initiative by two established golf retailers: Absolute Balls & Green Golf Online. These companies merged at the end of 2014. We believe Lake Golf Balls brand has a bright future and we look forward establishing effective working relationships with golf clubs and golf wholesalers across UK and Europe